Don't like crowded gyms? Take advantage of an opportunity to accomplish your goal: learner, stronger body; lower blood pressure, build confidence, or shed unwanted pounds--in the privacy of comfortable facility with a trained professional.


Challenge yourself through intense exercise circuits and feel the support through camaraderie and motivation. Smaller sized bootcamp classes become instructional and safer due to a better instructor/student ratio 5:1.


Inactivity is your worst enemy. It will tear your body down into brittle if you allow stagnation to rule your adult life. Now is the time to increase blood flow and improve muscle strength through individualized exercise programs.


Personal training does not have to break the bank. With proper budgeting and planning, allowing yourself a few times a week to exercise is the catalyst to developing a new outlook on life with a renewed energy and strength. Accomplish this with the help of a coach!


Exercise does not need to take more than one hour. With many joining cheap gyms and walking endlessly on treadmills for up to 2 hours, you will learn how to get stronger quicker and safer in under one hour. Enjoy the rest of your day with friends and family.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Nestled on the border of Manchester and Vernon, CT, this training facility is 700 sq. ft. of space dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. The facility is adequate for private training sessions or small group semi- private sessions including bootcamp classes.We have an extensive selection of tools to help you reap the results you are seeking. We include everything from flipping tires, battling ropes, pushing sleds, and incorporating numerous free weight exercises into most of the exercise programs. Inside the facility is a conveniently 32 foot long artificial grass lane for movement drills, sled pushes, and locomotive exercises.

Why do we get you results and not your typical gym? Simple: we have tools that most gyms do not have or simply under-utilize. We teach you how to not be afraid to push yourself and we make exercise fun, challenging and safe! Most of all, you have an ally on your team that shows you support, guidance, and structure!

Should you accept to train here, you will come away learning more about the way your body gets stronger, leaner, and burn fat--as well, as learn more about yourself!

Meet John

John Izzo is an accomplished fitness professional with over a decade of experience working with people to achieve things they never thought possible. He is a commensurate professional, motivator, and  coach, that supports others achieve great levels of fat loss, sports performance, and optimal well-being. He is a listener and an opportunist that believes in working hard and meeting challenges with passion and tenacity.

In 1999, John entered the fitness industry as a part-time gym instructor at the local YMCA. His primary responsibility was to demonstrate to members how to correctly perform exercises and use the equipment. From there, he obtained his first of 4 certifications from theAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE). In 2000, he became a full-time personal trainer for Healthtrax, Inc. Two years later, John obtained his second personal training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) where he thrived working with clients at Gold's Gym. During his time at Gold's Gym, John earned the respect of his colleagues and became the Fitness Director and Supervisor.

In 2004, John joined the YMCA as a Wellness Director and supervised his fitness staff while developing many fitness programs for the community based membership.  Two years later, John would become a Program Director for a corporate company and run the company owned fitness center. Here, John worked with many sedentary desk workers that suffered ailing back pain, neck pain, and were overweight. John designed ergonomic programs, walking programs, and exercise programs to facilitate a healthier lifestyle for their employees. In 2007, John obtained his fourth certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a performance enhancement specialist.

For the last 3 years, John has worked with the general population focusing on fat loss, gaining higher strength levels, and improving functionality and performance. His emphasis on corrective exercise, posture, core strength, flexibility, and heightening physical capabilities is only paralleled by his own fitness commitment. 

Other accomplishments:

BSc - Public Health Promotion (2000) - SCSU, New Haven, CT
Secret Skills of Personal Training, - (2008) - Author (available on
Introduction to Personal Fitness Training - NASM textbook - (2009) - Co-Author
Personal Trainer Business Development Skills - NASM Course (2009) - Contributor

Articles written for online publication including:
  A 7-Phase to Protecting Your Shoulders - Muscle & Fitness online
How Gluteal Atrophy Effects Posture & Performance - online
10 Reasons Why Young Athletes are Easier to Train Than Adults - online
Fascia Function : Building a Tough Trunk - online
5 Ways to Retain Clients - Personal Training on the Net - online
5 Teaching Anchors - Personal Training on the Net - online
Functional Training to Improve Human Movement - online

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