Friday, January 6, 2012


Nestled on the border of Manchester and Vernon, CT, this training facility is 700 sq. ft. of space dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. The facility is adequate for private training sessions or small group semi- private sessions including bootcamp classes.We have an extensive selection of tools to help you reap the results you are seeking. We include everything from flipping tires, battling ropes, pushing sleds, and incorporating numerous free weight exercises into most of the exercise programs. Inside the facility is a conveniently 32 foot long artificial grass lane for movement drills, sled pushes, and locomotive exercises.

Why do we get you results and not your typical gym? Simple: we have tools that most gyms do not have or simply under-utilize. We teach you how to not be afraid to push yourself and we make exercise fun, challenging and safe! Most of all, you have an ally on your team that shows you support, guidance, and structure!

Should you accept to train here, you will come away learning more about the way your body gets stronger, leaner, and burn fat--as well, as learn more about yourself!

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