Frequently Asked Questions:

If I train with you, will my workout be the same each week?
Short answer: No. After a movement assessment involving your muscular strength, core stability, and flexibility--a true individualized exercise program will be created to help reduce the likelihood of injury and improve your quality of life. We understand you will get bored of your workout--it is one of the main reasons why people quit the gym. That's why every session will challenge you in a different way. And you will get stronger and leaner along the way!

Am I guaranteed results?
You are 100% guaranteed REALISTIC results. We shall meet and exceed all your short term goals and you will see and feel a difference in a matter of weeks. the results are largely dependent on your commitment and adherence to the program (ie: eating right and training regularly).

But I'm intimidated by free weights. Maybe I should stick to the treadmill or take group exercise classes?
What you've done in the past has not worked. Free weights are the best tool for losing fat and changing your body. Most people--especially women--stay away from free weights (or use really light ones) because they are unsure of how to use them or are afraid they will get hurt. The privacy of the studio and the professional instruction you will receive will prepare you to become more confident and knowledgeable to change.

I don't want to get big, bulky muscles. Should I just stick with the little pink dumbbells?
Firstly, you don't "get" big muscles, you gain them. That means there is a level of effort expected on your part to gain strength, and with that, comes confidence. Muscles do not suddenly develop overnight; therefore, you will understand that the overall program will increase your strength levels as your body fat levels decrease.

What am I paying for?
When you visit the doctor or your accountant, he/she is paid for the time they are spending with you--not necessarily the diagnosis or the service. The diagnosis is a result of their time spent evaluating and testing you. As your trainer, you are paying for the time I spend with you exclusively--creating and modifying your exercise program while coaching you throughout the duration of our training. You will also have periodic communication and follow-ups by email, texts, or phone calls. Meeting your goals is a result of the time we spend together. 

What makes your Bootcamp classes so much more different?
My classes are short, quick bursts of fun and proper exercise selection. Unlike other Bootcamps with 20 persons per class, you will have access to the instructor! In many large classes, the instructor cannot correct your form or reinforce coaching cues because their are too many people to supervise. Bootcamp classes also utilize many of the "human-powered" equipment that is inside IZZOSTRENGTH & Performance. Each class will help you burn up to 500 calories. You can always try the first class free of charge to see if it meets your needs!

My gym charges me only $10 a month. Why pay for additional training with you?
I can't beat that. However, this investment in your health actually saves you something that is priceless: your TIME. For years, people go to gyms only to waste hours of their time and energy walking on treadmills and ellipticals--seeing minimal results or nothing at all. My programs deliver more bang for your buck, and that will pay you back dividends with more time to spend with your family, complete projects, and have more energy. As a result of being healthier and stronger, you will visit your doctor less and take less medication--saving you money in the long run!

Will I have the same trainer every workout?
Yes. This facility and training is conducted by John Izzo. There are no other trainers. 

Is there a money back guarantee?
If you for any reason are not satisfied with the training or classes--or feel it is not for you--you will be refunded for any unused sessions or classes. 100% guaranteed--no contracts, no obligations, and no termination fees!

If you have questions, not answered here please feel free to contact: john@izzostrengthtraining.com

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