Peter A., 
East Hartford, CT

"I started working with John in September of 2010. My tired, old bodybuilding routine wasn’t yielding results anymore, and I needed a change. I met with John and shared my weight loss and fitness goals with him. He gave me a fitness screening and told me the areas I needed to improve, in order to meet my goals. He rearranged my diet and my workouts. As my body improved, he made my workouts more challenging. With John’s guidance, since September, I have lost 28 pounds and reduced my percentage of body fat each month. On May 7th, I recently completed an endurance race called The Tough Mudder in Stowe, VT. I could not have completed this race without John’s expertise and guidance in my training. Through John I have learned to train smarter and work out more efficiently. I have more fitness goals to achieve and more weight to lose so I will continue to train hard with John Izzo. John is honest, and straightforward and very knowledgeable in nutrition and how the body works. If you are motivated to lose weight or transform your body, John can take you to that next level."

Tony F, Litchfield, CT:
"When I started working with John, I had no idea how to exercise. I was over-weight, sluggish, and not feeling so great. A big part of my job was traveling and sleeping in hotels with little to no exercise, and eating poorly day in and day out. Working with John has made a huge impact on my life. I am challenged and supported. John provides me with guidance, motivation, and confidence I need to make it through each day. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight because I have learned how to eat better--which foods to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. I have learned how to exercise using basic things like moving my bodyweight, using free weights, and performing things I never thought I can do. Other places, I feel that I would have been laughed at, not taken seriously, or simply forgotten about...but when I meet with John at his private facility--I feel empowered and motivated!"

Heather E., Harwington, CT

"I was a single mother feeling run-down and sluggish before I met John. I was unable to keep up with my kids and simply feeling inadequate. I had become extremely overweight, self-conscientious, and shy. I was always shy growing up, but I realized that I was also always overweight growing up and the two probably had something to do with one another. I decided to stop wasting my time on fad dieting, fitness gadgets, and gym memberships that simply gave me no direction. I woke up one day and decided to hire a personal trainer. Within the first few minutes of meeting John, I knew I was entering a phase of my life that included structure, expectations, and renewed hope. We met 3 days a week and I lose an incredible 58 pounds. I gained strength that I never imagined and I felt like I was living life again. My energy levels increased and I became a better parent. I thank John for pushing me and allowing me to learn from him. Thanks!

Rafael O., Springfield, MA: 
"My fitness journey was a bit unusual. Always being the scrawny or weak teen growing up, I expected my body to naturally gain weight as I got older. At age 29 and fluctuating at a weight of 133 pounds, I got tired of looking the same and not doing anything about it.  One day I began a search online for personal trainers in the area. John Izzo came up in the search results and I knew he was quite a distance away from me. But somehow, I had a feeling he was the guy to see based on my needs. I started training with John because he offered a one on one setting in his own private facility. I also like the fact that he tailored a program in accordance to my needs.

When I go train, it's work. I used to go the gym before, and it didn't feel like a workout. I leave John's facility knowing that I got a great workout in.. He truly has a vested interest in my fitness journey. I highly recommend him!"

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